The secret sauce to engaging employees in health benefits

What can you learn from Amazon and Netflix?

High-deductible health plans are on the rise.

The workforce is being asked to pay a larger share of their premiums.

And the true value of your health benefits strategy hinges on helping your employees make smart, well-informed healthcare decisions.

What's the good news? By using real-time data and personalized recommendations, you can make it easy and intuitive for your employees to find and make the right healthcare decisions.

Grab a copy of this guide produced by Human Resource Executive and uncover ways your company can reach a new level of employee health benefits engagement and unlock the value of your health benefits strategy.

  • Understand why the current approach toward managing health benefits no longer works
  • Learn what your employees need to make better health decisions
  • Discover how data-driven insights, predictive analytics and personalized communications engage employees and spur behavior change

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