More than a Buzzword: Improving Healthcare with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

There’s good reason for all of the buzz regarding machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI): the potential to significantly improve the healthcare experience by engaging patients and improving health outcomes. But what exactly are ML and AI, and how are they used in healthcare today? Join us as we demystify the use of ML and AI.

Cameron S. Betts, Director of Health Management at Willis Towers Watson, and Robert Stewart, Chief Technology Officer at Castlight, will discuss industry trends with ML and AI while demonstrating how they work, how these tools can be used to deliver value for you and your employees, and how Castlight uses ML and AI to make personalized healthcare recommendations.

This webinar will help answer the following:

  • How do ML and AI work (using real-world examples)?
  • How are ML and AI used by employers and benefit leaders today, and what opportunities are there to improve?
  • How can these tools be leveraged by benefit leaders to create a better healthcare experience for their employees?

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