Employee Wellbeing: How Johnson & Johnson Integrated Digital Wellbeing Into Its Culture of Health

The need for health and wellbeing programs is more crucial now than ever. While the world faces the COVID-19 crisis, businesses are under intense pressure to respond to employees’ evolving needs.

On a mission to have the healthiest workforce, global leader Johnson & Johnson has created a culture of health that supports key areas like healthy eating, healthy movement and healthy mind. The culture focuses on energy management, connecting with purpose and the key principles of physical, emotional, mental wellbeing.

Listen to Emily Landgraf, Head of Employee Digital Health, Data and Product Management​ at Johnson & Johnson, and Richa Gupta, Chief People Officer at Castlight, as they lead a discussion about how digital health and wellbeing programs have been integrated into our workplace culture and the critical role they have played during COVID-19. Learn about Johnson & Johnson’s approach to successfully engage employees across 78 countries through their digital programs. They’ll discuss how the employee digital health and wellbeing space has evolved and what’s next.

Watch the webinar and learn:

  • How Johnson & Johnson leverages Castlight to engage their global population
  • How digital wellbeing solutions can address employees physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health in one comprehensive platform

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Emily Landgraf

Head of Employee Digital Health, Data and Product Management​
Johnson & Johnson​

Richa Gupta

Chief People Officer
Castlight Health