Health Navigation: The Key to Engaging Your People in the Moments that Matter

For decades, we’ve relied on employees to self-serve in the ever-increasing ecosystem of in-person care offerings and digital point solutions. But the self-service model of handing employees a thick annual benefits guide and expecting them to engage with the right care and programs is dead — and the data proves it. Research shows that less than 10 percent of employees today make use of their benefits.* As a result, driving engagement with benefits across the full, diverse population of employees and their families is a top priority for HR and benefits leaders. To address the engagement problem, some employers have turned to service-led advocacy. But without a data-driven digital backbone, advocacy-only offerings fall short, too. Employers must embrace the next generation of navigation — one that combines digital tools and advocacy services, both powered by deep, data-driven personalization — or they will be left behind.

Listen to Sean Grady, director of Benefits at Healthfirst, George Wilson, senior director at Willis Towers Watson, and Peter Hegi, vice president and general manager at Castlight Health, for a conversation on the key to unlocking engagement and the ability to meet employees in the “moments that matter” when making healthcare decisions.

In this webinar, human resources and benefit experts will cover:

  • At a moment in time when 5 generations are working side-by-side, how can organizations tailor benefits design to meet the full spectrum of workforce needs?
  • How does Healthfirst, New York’s largest not-for-profit health insurer, effectively engage their distributed workforce in using their benefits, particularly during COVID-19 when people need even more support?
  • What best practices are Willis Towers Watson clients implementing to establish successful, future-proof workforce strategies?

*EASNA research “Utilization of Eservices”

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Sean Grady

Director of Benefits,

George Wilson

Senior Director,
Willis Towers Watson

Peter Hegi

Vice President and General Manager,
Castlight Health