Transparency in Coverage: Beyond Compliance — An Opportunity to Reimagine the Member Experience

The goal of new federal transparency regulations (Transparency in Coverage and the No Surprises/Consolidated Appropriations Act) is straightforward: to make it easy for individuals to find accurate price information as they search for high-value healthcare. But achieving this goal has always been complex. Over the next four years, a series of regulations will radically change the status quo of healthcare price transparency. The regulations place great responsibility on health plans and self-insured hospitals, health systems, and employers to share detailed pricing information — broadly to the public, and personalized to your members and employees.

Listen to Tracy Watts, senior partner and U.S. Leader for Healthcare Policy at Mercer, Erik Sossa, independent advisor and consultant for leading employers, industry groups, and healthcare providers, and Jake Fochetta, director of Corporate Strategy, Castlight Health, for a conversation on what to expect from the new transparency rules as compliance milestones quickly approach.

In this on-demand webinar, we’ll cover:

  • What challenges has the industry previously faced in achieving greater healthcare price transparency? How will this regulatory effort address those past challenges?
  • What expectations do employers have of their health plans when it comes to achieving compliance and improving member experience — and how should health plans prepare accordingly?
  • How can employers and health plans collaborate most effectively in coming months and years to prepare for regulatory deadlines?
  • How can plan sponsors use this opportunity to go beyond compliance to build a long-term transparency strategy that enables high-value care decisions and maximizes impact and cost savings?

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Tracy Watts

Senior Partner and U.S. Leader for Healthcare Policy,

Erik Sossa

E. A. Sossa Consulting

Jake Fochetta

Director of Corporate Strategy,
Castlight Health