Proactive Condition Management: How Early Engagement Drives Long-Term Savings

A year into the pandemic, COVID-19 and deferred preventative care will have a significant impact on healthcare costs, making cost management a continued top priority. Rising expenses associated with top chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension are two significant cost drivers across the U.S. population. Early, preemptive condition management among high-risk population segments is key to improving health outcomes and mitigating higher long-term healthcare costs. While condition management programs to address the growing demand for whole-person virtual care have proliferated, engagement and impact to actual cost savings has fallen flat. In addition, managing the administration of numerous disparate point solutions has become a growing headache for benefits leaders.

Watch Anoop Sangha, MD, vice president of Clinical Programs at Teladoc Health, Candace Quagliato, SPHR, lead benefits analyst at WestRock, and Heather Hagg, PhD, vice president of Analytics and Operations at Castlight Health for a conversation on how some of the most innovative, progressive employers are integrating a digital health hub for proactive condition management into their health benefits platform to seamlessly and proactively promote chronic condition management among employees. Learn how this comprehensive approach can yield higher engagement, greater cost savings, and better health outcomes.

In this webinar, we cover:

  • What best practices has WestRock implemented to help their team manage diabetes and other chronic conditions?
  • How can employers empower people to take control of their health and live their healthiest lives?
  • How can we measure the impact and value of digital health offerings?

Watch Now

Anoop Sangha, MD

Vice President of Clinical Programs,
Teladoc Health

Candace Quagliato, SPHR

Lead Benefits Analyst,

Heather Hagg, PhD

Vice President of Analytics and Operations,
Castlight Health