Castlight’s Approach to Quality: Curate, Customize, Communicate

Receiving high-quality care is critical for achieving better health outcomes and reducing annual healthcare spending. Annually, low-quality care leads to 250,000 deaths and $210 billion in unnecessary medical spending in the U.S. However, patients face three main challenges when trying to identify high-quality providers: They lack access to quality information, they have difficulty knowing which metrics are most important for their situation, and they struggle to interpret quality information alongside competing concerns.

For more than 10 years, Castlight’s innovative and rigorous three-step approach to data has enabled members to easily search for and connect with high-quality in-network physicians with a history of achieving the best possible clinical outcomes. Additionally, Castlight can integrate tiered and narrow networks into the provider search results in order to steer members to preferred providers.

Building on a decade of user testing and data analytics, Castlight shares proven results in this white paper.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • Castlight’s comprehensive three-step approach to quality
  • How Castlight develops and applies a composite quality rating, called a Q-Score
  • The important role personalization plays in guiding members to high-quality care
  • Three important findings derived from rigorous evaluation of Castlight’s quality approach