Make high-quality care the easy choice

There are many factors that go into healthcare choices—cost, quality, preference, location, and more. Unlike many other consumer choices, healthcare decisions are very expensive, have huge implications on the health and wellbeing of employees and their family members, and are very complex with no easy way to know the quality of a provider. How can employers help empower employees and simplify the search for high-quality care?

Hear how General Motors helps their US salaried employees find the best quality care, focusing on their direct contracting relationship with Henry Ford Health System. Sheila Savageau, U.S. Healthcare Leader at GM, and Susan Hawkins, SVP, Population Health at Henry Ford Health System, will share why direct contracting is a priority and what goes into a successful partnership.

Watch to learn the following:

  • How is quality care defined and how do care decisions impact the health of employees and their family members?
  • What strategies are other employers deploying to empower individuals?
  • What are considerations for direct contracting, and what other opportunities exist for employers?

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