Navigating Complex Care: Chronic Conditions, Behavioral Health, and the Impact of COVID-19

Our healthcare system is overwhelming and complicated. And right now, employees are turning to employers with more complex questions.

Simple things like finding a doctor and knowing what mental health benefits are available have become even more convoluted with COVID-19. Employees have complex needs that consistently get missed by major gaps in the healthcare system. And multiple conditions are compounded when members can’t find the right provider.

Often, they have to become a medical expert just to manage the care for themselves and their families.

Listen to Dr. Mohannad Kusti, a global physician executive and former Chief Medical Officer at US Steel Corporation, talk about the importance of a holistic approach to all of the overlapping needs a member has. He’ll discuss how digital navigation tools, combined with one-on-one expert guidance, can help members get the personalized care they need.

He’s joined by Misti Dellinger, Manager of Clinical Operations at Castlight Health, who will introduce how Castlight’s expert Care Guides offer an empathetic and personalized approach to help your employees.

Finally, hear how Caren Trujillo, RN, MSN, of the Castlight Care Guides team provided one-on-one expert guidance, in a unique situation, to connect a member with the right care and resources during this challenging time.

Watch the webinar and learn:

  • Can overlapping issues like chronic conditions and behavioral health concerns have better outcomes when addressed through a holistic approach to an employee’s needs?
  • Is there a more personalized approach that streamlines the care journey for employees and their families?
  • How much of a difference do digital tools, combined with one-on-one expert guidance, make in that care journey?

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Mohannad Kusti, MD, MPH

Founder of Optimal Workplace & Environmental Wellness Corporation
Regional Medical Director for PIVOT Onsite Innovations

Misti Dellinger

Manager of Clinical Operations
Castlight Health

Caren Trujillo, RN, MSN

Clinical Care Guide
Castlight Health