Reinventing Employee Behavioral Health

How innovative technology and management practices are enabling new access to care

Each year, U.S. employers give up more than $100 billion in lost productivity from employees experiencing behavioral health disorders. With one in four employees suffering from a mental health illness or substance abuse disorder, untreated behavioral health conditions that impact employee well-being and performance are a growing concern for companies.

Fortunately, innovative solutions are helping employees overcome traditional barriers to care and enabling companies to recapture that lost productivity. In this paper we explore just how big the behavioral healthcare problem is and how forward-thinking companies are adopting new technologies to address it.

Key takeaways include:

  • The personal and business costs of behavioral health disorders
  • The 4 main reasons why people who need behavioral healthcare aren’t getting it
  • How computer-based trainings, teletherapy, and online healthcare shopping are expanding treatment options and reducing employer costs

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