A New Approach for Managing the Challenges of Healthcare Benefits

Get the guide that helps you understand Effective Enterprise Healthcare Management

Call it Enterprise Healthcare Management (EHM) or just call it your day job, you’re already involved in making the best of benefit programs for your organization —but are you optimizing EHM through process and technology?

Effective EHM helps employees get more from their healthcare benefits and helps businesses get control of skyrocketing healthcare costs. It’s a win for both employers and employees, but what’s your first move?

This quick, easy-to-read guide provides an overview of EHM along with examples of how organizations are using the latest solutions. The guide helps you look at your current challenges to see how EHM solutions might help you find answers to questions like these:

  • Exactly how can EHM solutions add value to my business?
  • How will EHM solutions affect our current benefits program?
  • Can EHM solutions simplify healthcare decisions for employees?
  • How do I make the case for exploring EHM technologies to my boss and co-workers?

“Across every industry and every geography, businesses are finding that they can’t achieve a healthy bottom line without a healthy workforce.”
From “Solving the benefits puzzle: A guide to understanding Enterprise Healthcare Management,” by Castlight Health, Inc.

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