Wednesday October 19, 2016

Wearables: Employer Tool or Employee Perk?

More and more large employers are deploying activity-based tracking programs as a means to get their population moving and to promote an overall culture of health and wellbeing. Many of these programs have incorporated subsidized devices as well as incentives to drive engagement.

To date, there has been limited research evaluating the impact of these programs across different types of employers, populations, geographies, and incentive structures. In this webinar, Willis Towers Watson—in partnership with Jiff—review early results from several large U.S. based employers.

Key topics include:

  • How do wearables fit within an employer’s strategy? – An overview of health engagement trends and the role of digital wearables in improving total wellbeing and promoting health engagement.
  • Is wearable engagement sustainable? – We review longitudinal engagement data, spanning more than 2 years, from more than six large employers with varying program and incentives design.
  • What’s the value? – Jiff and Willis Towers Watson’s perspective on what circumstances make an investment in these programs justifiable for large employers.
Joshua Ellison
Senior Consultant
Willis Towers Watson
Shelly Wolff
Senior Consultant
Willis Towers Watson
Mary Cain
Senior Director of Clinical Strategy
Castlight Health

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